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Amber Elizabeth Domalewski
February 24, 1982 March 4, 2006

What a wonderful daughter, sister and friend Amber is!

What a wonderful daughter, sister and friend we have lost!

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Amber was tenacious in her battle with nasopharyngeal cancer. She suffered so much during her two year battle with NPC. It was impossible to not see the signs of her physical pain.

Through all of her physical pain, Amber held her fears and mental anguish to herself -- only sharing them sparingly with her closest loved ones. It is truly amazing that Amber was able to maintain her optimism. She held on to her hope and  continued making plans to fulfill her dreams for the future. Amber would not let go of the hope for remission and a long life.

It is up to us to keep Amber alive in our hearts, to celebrate her life and to share the joy that she gave us. Thank you for joining us here as we share our life's journeys with Amber, through the pictures and stories contained in these pages.

This web site is a place to share our love and thoughts of Amber - - our daughter, our sister and our friend.

Please join us in keeping our love for Amber alive by reading and adding to the "Thoughts of Amber" guestbook.

Come back often to see how is growing.

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